now", I responded. "I beeg-com have no interest in keeping my teeth or looking after them", I went on. "If I have dentures I won't have to go to a dentist again" "You're wrong on that score, young man. Dentures don't last for ever, they need to be checked regularly and every few years they need replacing", he replied. "Your gums change their shape; they shrink so dentures .beeg soon become loose even if they once fitted well." "My parents both wear dentures, begg they always have; so does Derek. They are satisfied with them, I know. Lots of people wear beeg moms dentures. It's quite normal", I argued. "They don't go to dentists very often either', I added petulantly. "A great number of people in beeg sex video this country do not look after their teeth avoiding dental beeg 4k check-ups. So the inevitable happens", said the dentist bluntly. "They lose their teeth at too early an age and have to wear dentures instead with all the inconvenience and discomfort which comes from them". 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I imagined him leafing through an old and tatty indian beeg magazine, a Punch or Illustrated London News, and unconsciously loosening his dentures with his tongue as he did so. He often did this while he was reading or watching television. The image beeg poto of it emboldened me. www.beeg com In any event I had seen with Derek at first hand the beegs handicap of dentures. It did not beeg hairy seem so bad. I thought I knew what beegxxx to expect and I anticipated that, like Derek, I would adapt well to dentures. "Are you absolutely sure?" the dentist asked again. "If you are determined to neglect your teeth, I will extract them now. You are right. If you don't look after them it will only be a short time before they will all decay away given their current poor condition." "Of course I am sure. I know it beeg mature is only a question of time. That's why I want them out now. I don't want to wait any longer". My bold answer surprised me as much as it did the dentist. 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It must have taken sex beeg an hour or more. At times it became monotonous as I heard another crunching sound, a beegcom squeak and then the warm feeling as another tooth left its socket, followed by a "plink" as the tooth beeg xxx was beeg x dropped into a dish. Part Five "Can I see?" asked Derek when we left the surgery. "Yes", I said, opening my mouth wide and running my tongue across my wounded but empty gums which were still completely numb from the anesthetic. "Let's go home. It'll start to get a little sore and you will need to rest", said Derek putting his beeg. com arm free porn beeg around my shoulder. "There's no beer for you tonight Bryan; no solid food either". During the weeks that followed the bruising and swelling beeg porn videos subsided, the sockets closed and my gums gradually healed and hardened. I also became used to chewing my food with my front teeth and exploring my now toothless gums with my tongue. 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It was a Thursday as I had decided to take a long weekend so I could get used to the dentures before returning to work at the bank. Again I was filled with doubts about what I was really letting myself in site beeg.com beeg for. On several occasions I thought of telephoning Derek to say that I was chickening out but I https //beeg.com didn't beeg porno have the courage to do so. I also knew beeg hairy he would encourage me in the course I was taking and talk me out of any notion of backing out at the last minute. I seemed to be being swept along towards beeg jepang something I was not sure I wanted to happen but I had talked myself into with the active encouragement of Derek, I must beeg milf add. Now it was Thursday morning and I was back beeg lesbian at the surgery with beeg anal Derek. I tried to conceal it but I am sure Derek sensed beeg.com how anxious I was and did his best to reassure me that I was beeh not going to regret what I was doing. 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Had he done so at that moment, I think that I would have voiced my doubts. They would have beeg movies tumbled out. However, he had his back to me when I entered and he did not turn around greet me. Before I sat down, I saw my new dentures on the counter beside beeg porche the dentist's chair. In a moment I was transfixed. They looked fabulous. They were what I had been fantasising about for so long. Now it was to become a reality. My fears just vanished. I wanted them in my mouth so much and I knew I was within an hour or so of realising that objective. Expectantly I sat down in the operating chair. "I need to ask you a last time. Are beegporn beeg.con you sure you want to go through with this? You can stop if you want to. beeg video You can save your front teeth", said the dentist. "No, I am sure I want beeg 18 the all my teeth out. Can we start?" I replied. I was by now absolutely certain. There was no beeg xxx turning back and I did beeg sex not want to. 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I beeg . had counted them down in my mind. "One, two, three,...twelve. All gone!" Before my dentures were fitted I tried to curl my lips around my empty gums. I had no sense of feeling yet. I bit downwards. My beeg teen gums must beeg videos have touched for the xxxbeeg first time. My mouth seemed cavernous and beeg .com empty, while my tongue was free to run all over my numbed gums and lips unimpeded. Soon I had my dentures free porn beeg in my mouth. This was a very strange feeling, now all my teeth were beeg black gone and different from the trial dentures before the extractions. They seemed so big beeg black and awkward as I felt with my tongue the www beeg com smooth surfaces of www.beeg..com my dentures. I was told to keep my dentures in for the first two days after my extractions so it was only on the Saturday beeg massage that I was able to take my dentures out to see myself toothless for the first time. I imagined that I would be shocked by the change. However, it was far better than I bee had expected. I opened my mouth wide so I could see the sockets which had beeg ass started to heal. I moved my tongue, beeg.con lips and jaws in every direction, experiencing a new freedom of movement and new sensations in my mouth. I looked at my new dentures; holding them up and examining them carefully. beeg sex video I beeg com liked the feel of the bulky plastic in my mouth and the way sex beeg they looked, being absolutely standard issue National Health acrylic dentures; all pink with neat rows of even white teeth. anal beeg There was a smooth transition between denture bases and b eeg beegcom the inner edges beeg xvideos of the beeg tubes teeth against which my tongue rested as only the tops of the inner surface of the teeth showed above the denture bases. The biting surfaces of the back teeth were in beeg hairy a flat plane so that the dentures were not so easily dislodged when beeg lesbian my back teeth were in contact together. In or out I was pleased with the result. A few weeks later when my gums were beegporn fully healed, I had my first toothless kiss with Derek. The sensation of somebody else's tongue on your gums is fantastic as was the experience of gumming www beeg com your partner's lips and tongue. Whatever pain and discomfort I beeg.com/ had been through, this was worth the wait. Over the next few beeg. com months, I gradually became completely accustomed to dentures. After a beegs while, eating was no problem. Talking with dentures also presented few difficulties. When after about six beeg mature months, my dentures were permanently relined and my gums had stabilised, I had adapted mom beeg fully to wearing them. Like Derek I had no regrets either. Neither did Derek, as I perfected my blow job and rimming techniques. Soon I was his equal in беег these departments. Now Derek took my dentures out before we had sex together. It turned him on as much as it did me. beag.com Part Six I continued to live in Nottingham for another year and a half. During that time beeg milf I saw Derek regularly, although I never moved in with him. Then sadly I left the bank and moved porn beeg back to Accrington to be near my father who was terminally ill. I used to have the occasional weekend with Derek but these became less frequent as the train journey across beeg lesbian the country beeq.com was quite tedious. Then we both found new partners and our relationship petered out. After a few years even beeg xnxx our exchange of Christmas cards ceased. So I have not heard of Derek for at least twenty five years. The events I have described happened over thirty years ago. I am now fifty three. Over all these years I have never regretted the loss of my teeth. During all this time I have had the pleasure of hearing the groans of delight as my gums start to caress and nibble at an erect penis or tantalise a receptive arse hole and the indescribable sensation of another tongue against my gums. I have tube beeg also enjoyed everyday the sensitivity beeg milf and mobility of a toothless mouth when I have beag.com my dentures out and cosmetically appealing, pain free teeth and the feel of my plates against my palate and gums when my dentures are in. My gums, particularly my lower gums, have shrunk a lot over the years so my dentures are not beeg hindi as stable as they were, with the teen beeg result that at www.beeg home in private I often have them out, just like Derek. Also like Derek I unconsciously loosen my dentures with my tongue and move them about my mouth when I am concentrating on work or reading. Despite all this, my dentures are still quite comfortable and I use them efficiently. I have no serious difficulties in porno beeg eating or speaking. They have not affected my personal relationships either. Mike, my partner for the last twenty years, beegxx has beeg porn videos become completely beeg moms accustomed to me with or without my dentures, even though he has retained all his own teeth. In fact he always removes my dentures as a prelude to having sex, just as Derek used to do. Secretly I think my dentures turn him bee on too; only he will not admit it. It is good also not to have to go to the dentist and receive painful treatments. In fact I have not been beeg xnxx for five years at least. Over the past few weeks Mike has been having root canal treatment on several teeth. "Why don't you just have them out and get dentures instead. Teeth are more trouble beeg porn than they are worth", I told him. Immediately I uttered the words xnxx beeg my mind went back to Derek and www.beeg com the advice of his father. 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